Following are the some of  Japanese Colleges/Schools/Universities which are being represented by us and where our students are studying and being graduated.

  • Toyama International Academy
  • Ashikaga Community College
  • Saitama Language Academy
  • Tokyo Riverside School
  • Tokyo International Culture and Education Institute
  • Nishinon Educational Institute
  • Japan Institute of Languge and Culture
  • Meric Japanese Language School
  • Tokyo International Exchange School
  • Fukuoka International Community College
  • Kasuga Japanese Language Academy
  • Ark Foreign Language Academy
  • Sojo University
  • Aichi Shukutoku University
  • Kinki University
  • Kobe Toyo Japanese College etc.

We have the lots of options for the Courses, Colleges and Universities according to your suitability and requirement.
Please visit us with your CV and Academic documents and get counseled with our expert counselors to discuss on your study Plan in Japan . We guide you to select the right course and institution for your better career and education goals and we assist you for the entire documentation procedure to obtain Certificate of Eligibility from the Japanese Immigration Bureau and visa application procedure to obtain the entry Clearance from Japanese Embassy.