Graduate Record Examination, is a four hour computer Adaptive test, a test of verbal reasoning, analytical writing and quantitative skill. It’s required to get admission in graduate level of Science and Technology and Arts (i.e MS, MA, ME and Ph.D. A Vast majority of good grad school require either GRE for graduate admission. A good GRE score substantially boosts your chances of getting awards and assistantships. A good GRE score substantially boosts your chances of getting your visa.

GRE is highly recommended for prospective graduate in the following fields.

  • Liberal arts
  • Natural sciences
  • Engineering


Time allowed







.30 minutes

Verbal ability

6 sentence completion questions

7 analogy questions

8 reading comprehension questions

9 antonym question



45 minutes

Quantitative ability

14 quantitative comparison questions

10 discrete quantitative (standard multiple choice) questions

4 data interpretation questions (tables/graphs)


10-minutes break



75 minutes

Analytical writing: 1 essay giving one’s perspective on an issue

Analytical writing: 1 essay analyzing an argument.

Total testing time: 2 hrs 30 minutes

Registration Process 

GRE registration is made with online applications through   Pay with a credit/debit card: American Express®, Discover®, JCB®, MasterCard®, or Visa®. Or Himalayan Bank, Nabil Bank etc. with student’s profile and identification (PP, Citizenship etc) certificates. The registration fee is 170 US $ + NRs 500 bank charge. 

GRE Rotational Module implemented at Earth Vision

ø      Module 1
•      Week 1 analogy
ø      Module 2
        •       Week 2 sentence completion
ø      Module 3

  • Week 3 antonym

ø      Module 4

  • Week 4 critical reading
  • Week 5 critical reading

ø      Module 5

  • Week 6 analysis is an argument
  • Week 7 analysis is an argument

ø      Module 6

  • Week 8 analysis is an issue

ø      GRE quantitative section is based upon Arithmetic, Algebra and Geometry.

GRE full score is 1600

  • Verbal section -200-800
  • Quantitative section -200-800
  • Essay writing -0-6
  • Above 1100 for good scholarship.

Class duration, Time & Day

  • Class duration is 8 weeks
  • Monday to Friday theory class (2 hours)
  • Sunday (weekly test) 3 hours

Course Fee: NRs 12,000 (5% discount will be provided for the full payment in advance)
GRE validity: 5 years
Information Resource:  

  Test Center: American Center , Gyaneshwor
GRE Subject Tests

In addition to the GRE General Test, some graduate programs in the US may require you to take a GRE Subject Test. These Tests are designed to test your knowledge in a specific subject area. The GRE Subject Tests are offered in 8 subjects only. If you plan to study one of these subjects at the graduate level, you should consider taking the corresponding subject Test.

1. Biochemistry, Cell and molecular Biology
2. Biology
3. Chemistry
4. Computer Science
5. Leterature in English
6. Mathematics
7. Physics
8. Psychology

Test Scores
Test Takers receive a single score ranging from 200-900.

Score Reports
When you register for the GRE Subject Test, you may identify up to four schools that should receive official score reports on your behalf. These scores are included in the Test fee. A student copy of the score report is sent to you separately.

Score Validity:
GRE Subject Test scores are valid for 5 years

Test Format: Paper-based
Test Dates: Offered in November and April every year
Test Center: St.Xavier’s School, Jawalakhel, Kathamndu
Test Fee: US$:  170.0

Information Resource: